Take cover!

You’ve booked your flights, found an idyllic hotel and bought a new pair of flip-flops, but who will look after your rental property whilst you are away? As the summer approaches, Lucie White explains the benefits of temporary landlord cover.

ES9MSURD76At last, summer holidays are on the horizon! If you’re anything like me, your pre-trip checklist is vast – along with the usual packing, there is milk to cancel, a plant-watering schedule to be arranged and a dog to be looked after. If you’re a private landlord, there is also your rental property to consider.

You might be lucky enough to have long-term, well-established tenants who are unlikely to need you during your two weeks away… but what if? What if there is a minor (or major!) emergency whilst you are thousands of miles away in a different time zone? What if your tenants give notice that they plan to leave right in the middle of your holiday? Dealing with these things from a poolside lounger is, at best, an annoyance; at worst it is extremely stressful.

So what’s the solution? At Lucie White & Company, we specialise in lettings and property management. Some of our clients use us for both these services; some just come to us when they need to find new tenants. But we also offer temporary property management services that are charged by the week. It’s an ideal way to offload your landlord’s role for short periods, giving you peace of mind that your property is in safe hands whilst you are otherwise engaged.

And it’s not just for holidays. Landlord cover can be helpful at any time of year, relieving you of that extra responsibility during busy times at work, in the event of a family crisis, for periods of illness or for the weeks surrounding the arrival of a new baby. It is quick and easy to arrange and you don’t need to sign up for a minimum period – our services are completely flexible and tailored to you. However long you need us for, you’ll benefit from our reliable network of contractors as well as a team of professional property managers who will keep your rental property running to the standard you expect.

Add our details to your pre-holiday to-do list this summer and let us take the strain while you take a well-deserved break! Lucie White is the owner and founder of Lucie White & Company, offering property services and advice to private landlords across South West London and Surrey. If you’d like to find out more about their fresh take on lettings and property management, email lucie@luciewhite.com or call 020 8549 8064.

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